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11th Annual Shalakany Arbitration Moot (SAM)

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Get ready for an exciting new season of international commercial arbitration moot where you will engage with new legal topics that you are not naturally exposed to in law school and get a first-hand experience of the professional practice of international commercial arbitration.

In continuation to its long-standing tradition of supporting the mooting community in Egypt amongst students and universities, Shalakany has the pleasure to announce the beginning of the 11th Annual Shalakany Arbitration Moot (SAM) season.

SAM is an international commercial arbitration moot competition in which students work, as counsels, on an international commercial arbitration case inspired by this year’s Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot competition.

Second, third- and fourth-year law students from each university are eligible to form a team of two to eight students to participate in the competition. The members of each team will act as counsels for the claimant and for the respondent in the case provided. Accordingly, they are required to submit two legal memoranda (one for the claimant and one for the respondent) and to proffer oral pleadings before tribunals composed of top-tier international and local legal practitioners in light of the facts and the legal issues of the case provided.
The winning team gets to be fully sponsored by Shalakany to participate in the Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot competition in Vienna or Hong Kong in the following year.

Please note that:
– The competition is conducted entirely in English. For that reason, students must have good command of English.
– Each university shall be represented by only one team in the competition.
– Students must coordinate within their respective universities for the selection of the teams, as Shalakany will not be responsible for any internal selection process for the teams.

To register your team and for any other inquiries, please send an email to the following email addresses:

Kindly note that the deadline for the registration of the team is Thursday, November 30, 2023. Looking forward to hearing from you all!