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Jessup Competition

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For any student, interested in being a part of something bigger, this is your reminder to form a team and participate in this year’s Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition (the “Jessup Competition”).

The Jessup Competition is a public international law competition and is one of the oldest mooting competitions in the world. Students in the Jessup Competition plead and adjudicate thrilling and thought-provoking claims pertaining to matters of public international law before a mock ICJ Court.

For the past two years, the competition was held virtually. However, Shalakany is happy to announce that the 2023 Jessup Competition will be held in-person! The winning team (National Champion) gets to participate in the international rounds of the 2023 Jessup Competition taking place in Washington, D.C.

Remember to register soon, as the deadline for registration is 21 November 2022.

Important notices:

    • The Jessup Competition is open to Law and Political Sciences


    • To be able to participate in the Jessup Competition, students must have a good command of the English language and all students in one team are enrolled in the same university.


    • We will be accepting only ONE team from each university. Accordingly, please ensure you coordinate with your university.


    • Shalakany will not be responsible for any internal university matters, including the selection of your team members.

Interested and/or have any queries? Please visit the Jessup website to learn more about the competition and reach out to us on:; and