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Jessup 2023 National Round

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Shalakany is pleased to share that it has assisted in sponsoring the winning team of the Jessup 2023 National Round “l’Institut de Droit des Affaires Internationales” in traveling to the United States to compete in the International Rounds of the Jessup 2023 Moot competition. Jessup is the world’s largest moot competition that comprises of a simulation of a fictional dispute between countries before the International Court of Justice.

Shalakany is also proud to announce that it was represented by Ms. Nada Hesham Hashem, Ms. Alia Atef, Ms. Ragya Shoukry and Mr. Youssef Omar from the Shalakany team who have participated as judges in the International Rounds of the Jessup 2023 taking place in Washington DC.

Mr. Adam Shalakany – Senior Partner stated: “Shalakany prides itself of being the leading law firm in supporting students in different mooting competitions. We are proud of the potential Egyptian lawyers that are taking the next steps of competing on the international level and we wish them all the luck.”

Nardine Michel – Laila Ahmed Ali – Mariam Maher Abuokada – Raghda Gad – Salma Gharraf