Summer Training

Shalakany offers a unique summer training program to top-tier law students who meet the Firm’s criteria. Each of our summer associates receives intense technical skills training and the opportunity to work first hand with each of our departments on a rotating basis. For the duration of the program, each summer associate is paired with a mentor that is responsible for guiding them through the process and assisting them to transform from gifted academic students to skilled business lawyers. The training methodology adopted by the Firm encourages independent thinking, developing holistic perspectives, building strong domain knowledge and nurturing positive attitudes.

Who we look for
We look for candidates with an excellent academic record who are well rounded, hardworking, passionate, committed and ambitious. We expect applicants to display strong commercial awareness, the ability to think for themselves and demonstrate polished interpersonal and social skills.
Participants should be in the 2nd or 3rd academic year and they must pass the screening process.

How to apply
Please apply to our Training Department enclosing a copy of an up to date CV. The opening date for submitting CVs is on the 1st of March and the deadline for receiving all applications is the 1st of May. Any CV submitted after the deadline will be disregarded.

For further information