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Successful release of an infant from an Egyptian prison

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Shalakany is delighted to announce that they have managed to release an infant from an Egyptian prison. As part of Shalakany’s services to embassies in Egypt, Shalakany handled the release of young girl whose mother, a foreign national, has been imprisoned in Egypt and delivered her daughter in prison.

Shalakany was able to complete the necessary procedures to release the girl to a guardian who will be returning her to her home country.

The work was spearheaded by Mr. Ayman Demerdash, Mr. Ahmed Badawy as well as Ms. Nada Hesham and Ms. Alia Atef.

Mr. Ayman El Demerdash said: “We wish the child a prosperous life. We will always be keen to take on matters that have a humanitarian impact.”

Nada Hesham said: “Although it was heartbreaking to witness the moment of release of the three-year-old girl from prison and her separation from her mother, we are pleased to be helping the girl have a chance in life outside prison bars.”