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Shalakany Arbitration Moot 23’ – “A Decade of the SAM”

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Shalakany Arbitration Moot 23’ – “A Decade of the SAM”

Shalakany annually organizes the SAM competition held for law students across Egypt to provide them with the opportunity to showcase their legal advocacy skills in a challenging commercial arbitration case inspired by the International C. Vis Moot Competition.

Students are required to do research works, submit written memoranda and then plead as counsels against each other in a mock oral pleading session arbitrated by SAM-Alumni, legal practitioners and lawyers from across Egypt. The SAM winning team is sponsored and trained by Shalakany to travel to Vienna and participate in the International Willem C. Vis Moot Competition.

The SAM competition was first held in 2014 with only 2 teams participating. As of today, the SAM was held 9 times, with more than a dozen different universities participating in the SAM throughout the years. This year marks the 10th annual SAM competition, which will see the SAM returning to its physical format whereby the oral pleadings sessions will be hosted at Shalakany main premises in Zamalek, Cairo.

The rules of registration in the SAM are follows:

    • The SAM is held in English, so any team participating should have an acceptable proficiency level in English;


    • Any university is eligible to participate in the competition but can only be represented by one team;


    • Shalakany is not responsible for choosing the students who represent each university;


    • Each team should have 2-8 members with a maximum of 4 students who can plead in the oral rounds.

Any teams who are interested to participate in the competition should submit an email titled “SAM 2023 Registration” including:

    • The University Name and the section to which the team belongs (Arabic/English/French),


    • The Team Members’ Names, and


    • Their email addresses.

The registration email (or any inquiries) should be submitted to the following email addresses: and