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Shalakany Organizing the National Rounds of the Philip C. Jessup

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Shalakany is pleased to announce that it has successfully organized the 2021 National Rounds of the largest moot court competition in the world “The Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition ‘Jessup’” despite the current events of Covid-19.

Due to the current situation, the competition had to be held virtually. Taking this as an opportunity to expand the Egyptian students’ experience and ensure they benefit the most out of the competition, Shalakany managed to have judges from all over the world such as Canada, China, Egypt, Germany, Lebanon, Mexico, Pakistan, Turkey and the United States.

Shalakany had the pleasure of the attendance of ICJ judges, diplomats, and NYU professors in the final rounds.

Shalakany is pleased to announce that the winning team of the National Rounds is Al Azhar University.

The team coming second in the competition is the German University in Cairo.

Senior Partner Adam El Shalakany stated that:

Law students in Egypt have very high potentials and deserve to have opportunities in a practical environment. Shalakany has always supported future lawyers. Shalakany is constantly keen on organizing the Jessup competition in Egypt. I am very delighted to see that the levels of the participants are developing each year. The participants’ performance was outstanding. Congratulations to the winning team!”